• What are Post-Secondary Opportunities?

    "Post-Secondary Opportunities" means programming SVCTE students can access to jump-start their college experience. These opportunities take place at a SVCTE and most of these opportunities are free to the student.

    Why Post-Secondary Opportunities?

    We believe that every student should have access to the opportunity of experiencing college before they finish high school.   Free or low-cost college credit means thousands of dollars in savings over the course of a student's academic career, reducing financial burden on families. Additionally, students can challenge themselves with the rigor of a college course in an environment in which they are already familiar, reducing anxiety about the college experience

California Community Colleges, CSU, UC Overview

  • This recording was created for our Family Information Nights.  It gives a general overview of the types of degrees that students may obtain from the California Community Colleges, the California State University, and the University of California Public post-secondary systems.

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