• Metropolitan Education District (MetroED) is a small, close-knit district committed to ensuring every student is ready for the future. We strive to be data-driven and focused on results while promoting humanity, kindness, and personal responsibility. We are proud to provide a supportive environment of collaboration among our staff to ensure a positive school culture.
    Our Human Resources team strives to offer support and information to applicants, employees, and the community efficiently, respectfully, and courteously. We are committed to recruiting, hiring, training, and retaining the highest quality professionals to educate and serve our diverse student population. As you explore the opportunities available at MetroED, please contact our offices at (408) 723-6435 if you have any questions.

Human Resources Department

Lisa Ketchum

Director of Human Relations and Communications / Title IX Coordinator 

408-723-4245  |  Email Lisa

Sabrina La Rosa

Executive Administrative Assistant (HR/Fiscal/IT) 

408-723-6748  |  Email Sabrina

Department Responsibilities: Physician's Appointment Verification, Employee ID Badges, General Inquiries, Internal Telephone Directory

Mary Hankins

Senior HR Systems Specialist 

408-723-6434  |  Email Mary

Department Responsibilities: Employee Benefits (Dental, Health, Life, Voluntary Deductions), Employee Professional Growth, Employee Work Calendars, Onboarding Retirement Information, Request for Leaves, Staff Employment Verifications, Separations.

Susan Nakahira

Human Resources Analyst 

408-723-6435  |  Email Susan

Department Responsibilities: Credentials, Ergonomics, Onboarding, Performance Evaluations, Recruitment, Workers' Compensation